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Swanky Editorials for “Pretty Ditty”

First of all, peep out “Pretty Ditty” for the freshest, most stylish hooded scarfs, aprons, and sewing patterns that you’ll probably come across, for only a fraction of the cost that you’ll pay in any other store.(Seriously)  Aside from an awesome product that Jaime, creator of “Pretty Ditty” puts together, her vision of style and sense of fashion is truly cutting edge, which ultimately is one of the most important parts in her success. Here’s some two page spreads put together for modern, yet vintage feel that we were going for, and couldn’t do it without the help Sellecca Wong, which did hair and makeup, along with “production designer” Julia B. | Cristi and Carmel, you guys mean business:) |

Sellecca - Wow Pierre, your work is outstanding! I want to do a bridal shoot to showcase some wedding styles, so let me know if you are interested.

Jamie - These are absolutely beautiful! You make me want to make more stuff so that we can do another shoot. Thank you so much for catching the vision and taking it a step further.
~ Jamie

Stacie DLC - I’m so stoked for you and Jamie!! Looks amazing! I couldn’t help but think of brennen when I saw the lamp-shade photo. Keep up the good work!

Cristi - Pierre! THESE ARE AWESOME!!! you are SO talented!

C.J. - Very, very creative! Love the colors, so vibrant..I always except great things when you show up to shoot and your right, you are truly just an artist with a camera..Great vision!!!

Kelly - WOW! I want that red polka dot one, sexy and sweet!

Taj - Dude.! You need to be designing catalogs for clothing companies because you creative direction is on another level..Killin it!

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